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UK Postcodes

UK Postcodes

'UK Postcodes' is PHP & MySQL driven script for a particular postcode look up. The data of 'UK Postcodes' package includes the following fields: UK Postcode, Latitude and Longitude.

Key Features:
  • Integrated interactive Google map.
  • Autoscale with advanced navigation.
  • The 'UK Postcodes' package includes the information on: UK Postcode, Latitude and Longitude.
  • 1 622 036 precise records are in the 'UK Postcodes' database.
  • UK Postcodes are alphanumeric and composed of 7 characters.
  • Latitudes and longitudes are to within 0.0001 (4 digits after the comma).
  • The 'UK Postcodes' package can be EASILY imported to ANY database.
  • The provided postcode data is in CSV file.