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Australian Postcodes History

Australian Postcode

Postal codes used, managed and allocated by Australia Post are called Australian postcodes. Postmaster-General's Department introduced Australian postcodes in 1967. Australian postcodes are used for sorting and directing mail to customers. Australian postcodes are also used by insurance companies to calculate insurance premiums, the Ministry of Transport to give special numbers to each bus stop. The number of a bus stop is composed of six digits, where the first four digits are the postcode and plus additional two digits.

Australian Postcode History

Early postal sorting system in Australia was alphanumeric. Australian alphanumeric codes were composed of two characters - a letter and a digit. There are examples of early Australian postcodes: A6, E4, N2 and etc.

In 1967 the first mechanized mail processing center appeared in Sydney and alphanumerical two character postcode system was replaced by four digit numeric postcode system. A four digit number was assigned to every mail delivery area in Australia. Australian postcodes were used on 75 per cent of mail by 1968. There are examples of current Australian postcodes: 2600, 1465, 5501 and etc.